Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Warehouse 13 episode 3.

I actually enjoyed the third rendition of Warehouse 13 right up to the last few scenes. It was going so well and then it all came crashing down once again. Let's start with the positives. There were some very funny scenes where Micah punched Pete in the nose several times because she had been taken over by the "infection". There was no character development in this episode which is actually a good thing because the show does such a poor job of it. Apparently the hacker from last week is back and messing with the power system of Warehouse 13. Artie has a heck of a time keeping the place lit. It was fairly amusing. I guess this hacker business is here to stay for a while. In the very last scene Artie watches the power grid go down and the words " knock knock" show up on the grid. Artie, in his most ominous voice, says "he's in". Not the high point in the episode. What really turned me off was the final action scene where the sheriff had been infected and started shooting up the church. I was fine with it until he took off his jacket to reveal a bomb strapped to his chest. Do we really need this? The low point came when he hit the button to set off the explosives. Instead of a detonation it triggered a 1:00 timer. Why would he put a timer on the bomb. It makes no sense. Terrible. Terrible I tell you. As you could guess they are able to save everyone, blah blah blah. At least this episode didn't bore me. See you next week.

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